URB and Body started as a need, idea and finally a personal journey in natural wellness.

In 2010 my newborn nephew was suffering from a constant but severe diaper rash. After trying the usual therapies recommended by doctors and  pharmaceutical companies via their advertisements to no avail and still in need of a quick solution, I began my research. Quickly I discovered that most drug store "natural" products were just concoctions of toxic ingredients, fancy or as I call it "distraction" packaging and unequivocal false claims. This was the beginning of my journey down the path of discovery which led to quickly formulating my own skin care repair salve. After using the product the rash disappeared and never returned.

Fast forward a few years and during my own pregnancy I was suffering an episode of intense hives. Being pregnant for the first time limited me to the types of medical treatment I could receive. The pain and itchiness was unbearable. Four days of constant pain I turned to my salve and the relief was instant. An idea was born.

Since then I have produced countless batches, refined the formula, trial and tested with friends and family and received nothing but love and positive feedback.  Hearing and seeing results first hand pushed me in the direction of helping others. Urb and Body was founded and Feel Balm had a name.

Today being a mother of 3, I see my fair share of scrapes, cuts, burns and so much more.  Feel Balm has become the go to saviour cream in our household, "mommy's cream".

I now strive to help those in the immediate with relief and inspire others long term to discover natural remedies and wellness products using earth's own ingredients in hopes that we can all collectively go down our own roads of discovery finally coming to the natural conclusion that our lifestyles are the very essence of our health, well being and the key to living optimally.

Jennifer Fernandes