I started on the natural wellness journey based on a personal need.

Staring in 2010 my nephew suffered from a severe and constant diaper rash. Knowing that most drug store "natural" products were just toxic ingredients and false advertisement, I started my own research and began formulating my own skin care repair salve. After using my product the rash disappeared and never returned.

I had than suffered an episode of hives while pregnant with my first child. Being pregnant limited me to receiving medical treatment and the pain and itchiness was unbearable. Four days of constant pain I than turned to my salve and the relief was instant.

Since than I have made batches for friends and family and love hearing and seeing results that it pushed me to the direction of helping others.

Being a mother of 3, I see my fair share of scrapes, burns and much more. Feel Balm has become the go to cream in our household.

I now strive to inspire others to discover natural beauty and wellness products using earth's ingredients.

Jennifer Fernandes